Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Peak

A site on The Peak fetched the third-highest land price in the city's history yesterday, underscoring the continued strength of the luxury residential market.

Nan Fung Development and The Wharf (Holdings) (SEHK: 0004) paid HK$10.4 billion in an auction for the site at 103 Mount Nicholson Road - HK$32,014 per square foot

Click HERE to see a google map - for all of you overseas folk - please notice all of the green stuff!  Those are trees!  Often peoples perception of HK is that we don't have any!

Including yesterday's sale, the HK government has generated HK$26.05 billion from land sales since the start of the financial year in April. Its target is HK$34.1 billion. The government will sell four commercial and residential sites worth more than HK$7 billion next month.

EXCHANGE RATE................................................US$ 1 = HK$ 7.8

You do the maths!  I think I might be in the right city!

Cheers - Stella Abraham, REALTOR

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feng Shui

Being back in Hong Kong has made me realise that one of the biggest differences when it comes to buying, leasing or selling a property (apart from the obvious procedures!) is Feng Shui 風水 and how important it is to clients here.

I was with some clients today who are looking at buying a property.  I know that they are thinking of renovating the property extensively - did they bring an interior designer with them - NO! They brought their Feng Shui Master with them......

So what is Feng Shui 風水?  It literally translates as 'wind-water' and is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Earth (the geography) and Heaven (the astronomy) to help improve ones life by receiving positive qi.

I am most definitely not an expert but can put you in touch with one!

If you want to know more or even fancy a chat about property here in Hong Kong or in the US then get in touch

Cheers - Stella Abraham

Friday, June 18, 2010

Even Real Estate Companies move house!

In a couple of weeks CB Richard Ellis will be moving house!

Our new location will be
4/F Three Exchange Square, 8 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong

For all of those non Hong Kongers amongst us, click on the address to take a look at the building......certainly in a convenient location!

In Hong Kong, it is common practice to bless a new home or a new business - Yes! When you spend that much time at work as people do here in Hong Kong then that becomes your home as well!

A few weeks ago was the Bai Sun 拜 神 ceremony at the new office
Bai 拜 means 'worship' and Sun 神 means 'god'

In return for good business, nice things are offered to the gods and funnily enough food is one of these things!
Roasted pig is a popular choice (sorry all vegetarians out there!) The reason is an auspicious one.......when cooked, the pig turns red.....the most auspicious colour!

So here is to good business and fortune to all.....


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stella Hearts Hong Kong

I have recently made a big decision to return home to Hong Kong.  Having spent the last 13 years overseas, it was time!  I am excited about being in real estate here in Hong Kong - a city where 80% of people live on 8% of the land!  Hong Kong is definitely one of the most intriguing places when it comes to property; it's architecture, development, value and let's not forget the Feng Shui (风水)! 

I am pleased to say that I have joined the Residential team at CB Richard Ellis.  I am currently studying hard for my Hong Kong Real Estate License - Yes!  I need to take another exam - that will mean that I will be licensed in VT, CA and HK!

Having lived in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States, I have now had experience with real estate in many countries and have a clear understanding of how differently it is handled in other countries.

Being born and raised here in Hong Kong, my local knowledge is excellent.  It will be a great resource to people relocating to Hong Kong.  Having lived in so many places, I am somewhat familiar with relocation and its associated stresses.  My life as a working mum and having a child who is growing up in Hong Kong, means that I have an excellent expatriate overview of life here with children.

My passion, knowledge and experience with regards to living life in Hong Kong will be a real asset for anyone arriving and settling here.  

If you think I can help you or someone you know in either the US or here in Hong Kong then please email or call me at 6717 6317


Stella Abraham

Senior Analyst
CB Richard Ellis
34/F Central Plaza
18 Harbour Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong

T 852 2820 2800
F 852 2522 7762
D 852 2820 1523


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is it a prefabricated home?  You decide! 

An agent in my office, Dianne Vernon was talking about this home that she has been involved with in Palm Springs, California

The best thing - it was recently featured in my favourite magazine DWELL!

Click HERE to read the article on line -

- Stella Abraham, REALTOR

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