Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Lake Champlain Point and a Dinosaur

As you can imagine I see lots of property and I could never find the time to blog about every property I see but this one also has a story to it!

Chris Von Trapp (yes! he is actually related to the Von Trapp family!) is also a Realtor with my company Coldwell Banker Hickok and Boardman. He has this fantastic listing in North Hero. It is a Lake Champlain Point! The property consists of 17 acres on Green Point Road. There is a three bedroom home as well as a two bedroom that the owners currently lease out for holidays. Click here to see the details of the property………………http://www.vreinmls.com/ver/maildoc/a004851206.html

Here is where the story comes in! There was an Broker Open House held last week and to stay green we filled a car with 5 agents and drove to North Hero. The cottage was extremely unique. The owners had decorated it with charm and flair!

Whilst driving up to the Islands somebody mentioned that there was a dinosaur in a garden of a house. Obviously with Callum being 5, he is just getting interested in dinosaurs. So my ears perked up and I inquired some more. I was told that there was a Brontosaurus in a field looking out on to the water. Well that would be a sight! So we all had visions of this large and obvious dinosaur and decided on the way back to take a quick detour to see the dinosaur. Below is a picture! It does exist but with all the growth it isn’t particularly obvious and definitely isn’t large! Now having seen it and showing Callum we have decided that it is probably in honour of Champ the Lake Monster. Callum was far more impressed than 5 realtors!

- Stella Abraham, REALTOR

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