Sunday, March 22, 2009

Callum's Picture

I am afraid that you have to double click on the picture to get a clearer picture of my birthday present from Callum this year.

He drew on a canvas for me. It was a 'floor plan' of our master bedroom!

If you look closely he has even drawn Charlie on the floor at the end of the bed and the three of us having breakfast in bed - his favourite thing to do on a Sunday!

He is either going to be an Architect or a Realtor!

- Stella Abraham, REALTOR

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US Open and how snowboarding started!

This is interesting to watch - it is always nice to hear some history - especially if it explains how your husbands passion came about!

- Stella Abraham, REALTOR

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Maple Syrup, Sugaring and a little History!

All weekend Callum has been talking about this weekend being the perfect weekend for the sap to come! I just love what he learns with regards to history at Kindergarten - imagine what a different upbringing he would be having if we lived somewhere else!

The typical Open House weekend (yes! a different type of Open House that I am normally at on a Sunday afternoon!) does not happen for a couple of weeks but today was just the perfect day weather wise.

So we called around and this lovely chap called Joe and his wife Laurie (who actually substitues at Callum's school) said that they would love to show us around. Callum was even able to put in his own tap - yes of course there is video to come!

What a fabulous afternoon. We have lived in Vermont for 3 years and this was the first time we went to see the sugaring! Been too busy snowboarding in previous years I guess.

Thanks Joe and Laurie, it was fun, interesting and delicious!

We found them on this great website which tells all about the weekends to come.

Do stop in - they are extremely gracious!

Name: Bixby Hill Sugarhouse Phone: (802) 879-6467
Contact Person: Joseph & Laurie Jordan
Directions: From the intersection of Route 15 and Route 128, go 1/4 mile on Route 128 turn left onto Bixby Hill Road by school, go 1/2 mile to sugar house on left.
Description: 750 taps on pipeline with vacuum. 3x10 oil fired evaporator, reverse osmosis machine, 25 buckets, easy access to woods and tours. Syrup samples. Syrup for sale. Educational / maple antiques display. Collect sap from buckets. Open 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Seasonal: -
Sugarhouse Address: 52 Bixby Hill Road, Essex Junction Sugarhouse Phone: (802) 343-0259
Address: 259 River Road, Essex Junction, Vt. 05452 Fax: (802) 878-8846
Email: Website: -
OHW: Sat Sun

A Beautiful Spring Day in Essex, Vermont

What a stunning day it was here today in Essex, Vermont.

I was so pleased to get back to my routine of walking Charlie around the neighbourhood that just has to be put on hold over the winter months!

In my neighbourhood around Saxon Hollow Drive, there are a nice mix of houses. Colonials, Raised Ranchs, Ranchs and a few Capes.

It is always interesting to see what people are intending to do with their houses and a day like today tells all. I saw a couple of new decks being planned, a front porch and then out of the middle of nowhere there seems to be a 2 car garage already added on to house that was sold last year!

I am not sure if everyone knows about another fantastic service that my company Coldwell Banker Hickok and Boardman Realty has but it is our Concierge Home Services. We have relationships with reputable contractors who can help your spring renovations happen.

There is also a house available on the market near me which is listed with Mary Jordan. If you think it might interest you or someone else you may know then please let me know. I would love to show it to you.

It was so nice to walk around today and see everyone coming out of hibernation! It is such a nice mixed neighbourhood of young kiddies (playing with their bikes), grumpy teenagers (who seem to hate raking the lawn!) and empty nesters.

- Stella Abraham, REALTOR

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"what does a Realtor do all day?"

Someone asked me "what does a Realtor do all day?" So here is it a look in to what a Realtor in Vermont does all day!

8.25am-just going to get a mug of hot water and fresh lemon and go to the office meeting-always informative-60 Realtors in one room together

Stella just got out of the meeting spoke about my new listing

Stella is off to Georgia to see some clients about listing

Stella had to stop and get petrol. Unfortunately not the greenest of business driving all over. Never drive the same road twice or try not to!

Stella is off to see a lady from the overseas wives club in sth Burlington

Stella is back in the office and have got some negotiating to do with regards to an inspection - the behind the scene stuff that no one sees!Stella is making alot of phone calls - thank goodness I am involved as I am not sure this deal would stay togetherStella is setting up some showings for tomorrow afternoon - 2 houses in Colchester

Stella has just realised that she has still not eaten lunch (bar the nibbles in the car on the way to Georgia!) - I AM HUNGRY!
from TwitterFox Stella got side tracked on my way home! I am going to make Banofee pies for Bunco so need to get my baking trays back.....and my best buddy made fish head soup.....and I haven't eaten dinner

Stella will not be home as quickly as I thought! Fish head soup - Not a realtor thing but a HK thing!

Stella enjoying a glass of Cotes du Rhone and fish head soup!
from web Stella is home now - quick calls to 2 clients and then off to make the banofee for tomorrow - Charlie was so happy to see me!
Stella is trying to not lick the spoon with the toffee!Stella couldn't help it am licking the spoon! I didn't eat any lunch or dinner - fishhead soup doesn't count?!Stella is just sitting down for the evening! So that is a day in the life of a Realtor!

10.00pm Stella is wondering if anyone is thinking that being a Realtor is an easy job?!
from web

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I am determined to hang out a little with Callum tomorrow - otherwise he will be 16 before I know it1

- Stella Abraham, REALTOR

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A Buyer's Market?

A buyer’s market should be just that - a buyer’s market. It’s not a fence-sitting, waiting, loitering, delaying, dawdling, postponing, vacillating, hesitating, wavering, faltering, pausing, foot-shuffling market. By its very name, buyers should be doing one thing and one thing only-buying. So where are the buyers and why aren’t they buying?

The great irony of a buyer’s market is that even though the opportunity to buy is high, buyer urgency tends to hit an all time low. The media becomes the excited purveyor of negative news and uninformed advice, and buyers buy it all. Actually, it feels like the only thing they’re buying. Their reluctance is ironic since not so long ago buyers were incredibly excited about buying—when it was a seller’s market. Prices were escalating and it was perhaps one of the most difficult times to buy value and yet people were buying like there was no tomorrow. Buyers were afraid of losing out by not buying even though the advantage was all to the seller. Now a shift has occurred—it’s a true buyers market and what happens? Fear is in the driver’s seat!!

When they should have been afraid of paying too much they weren’t and now that they shouldn’t be afraid of paying too much they are. Its one of the most paradoxical moments of any market and the herd instinct at is most pure. Reluctance in the face of great opportunity becomes an agonizingly defining characteristic of a shift.

Facts: The headlines are not going to tell you to “buy now”

You can’t time the market—you don’t know when the bottom really is!! History supports that if you’re always in the market, actively paying attention, although you may never sell at the highest peak or buy at the absolute bottom, you can buy right and always do well over time. Logic says that you can’t predictably time the market at the exact top and bottom.

SELLERS ARE IN THE SAME SITUATION YOU ARE IN! They know prices will come back up some day but they don’t know when. Genuine sellers want or need to sell now, but they have fears too. They don’t know if prices will go lower either so if they can sell today, they will. That means they are ready to deal because they’re afraid today might be the best price they get. This makes most very willing to consider reasonable offers.

quoted from SHIFT—written by Gary Keller and shared by Geri Reilly

- Stella Abraham, REALTOR

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My favourite Cadbury Dairy Milk goes Fairtrade

Fantastic news!

As most of you know, I love Cadbury chocolate and I always seem to have some on me - whether it is at Open Houses, in the office or when I stop by for a cuppa!

The good news is that Dairy Milk (still yet to find a place to buy it here in VT!) is making some changes.

Click here for the BBC article

In my attempt to be a little bit greener it is another reason to continue eating chocolate!

- Stella Abraham, REALTOR

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Monday, March 9, 2009

122 Reynolds Drive Video Walkthrough

Here's a video of my newest listing, if you are interested in taking a look please give me a call, 802-846-9552.

- Stella Abraham, REALTOR

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's in a Realtor's pockets?

I had an extremely busy day yesterday with a mix of showing property and dealing with inspections.

At around 4pm, I took a deep breath and for a giggle emptied my pockets.........

The contents of my duvet cover like Burton trail coat were
  • 3 pens (1 in the left pocket and 2 in the right!)
  • Business Cards (a must for a Realtor)
  • Credit Card (a must for anyone!)
  • An empty toilet roll (I went to a listing and I couldn't help but change it!)
  • A baby carrot stick (I had lunch in my car whilst waiting for clients to show them a house)

- Stella Abraham, REALTOR

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Monday, March 2, 2009

How does this tax credit benefit you?

My colleagues Julie Lamoreaux and Heather Myott were recently filmed by WCAX for an article and video clip about the new tax credit!  

By all means, am I not an a tax man but I am a Realtor and if you need any help finding a home, would like to speak to Heather Myott or would like a free credit report then please give me a call on 802 399 4502

If you are a first time buyer.....this is the year to get on the property ladder!

- Stella Abraham, REALTOR

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