Thursday, November 13, 2008

6 degrees of seperation - what a small world?!

When I first bought a house in Essex, Vermont, I knew that one of the advantages to moving to Vermont would be the upbringing it would offer Callum as a child. He would be able to bike to the local Founders Middle school, bike to the Sandhill pool, snowboard at Stowe and Bolton all winter and even have a regular ice cream van drive past his house all summer.

The first summer we moved here we waited with baited breath to hear the music of the ice cream arrived. The smile on Callum's little face was indescribable! You could see that he was thinking 'A van brings me some ice cream once a week!?'

One day when we were buying ice cream the lady noticed that Callum was wearing a Liverpool football shirt. She told us that she had a 2nd cousin that lived in Liverpool. That night I giggled with Euan about how even in a small state like Vermont people claim to have long lost relatives back in England.

About 2 months ago I received a phone call from one of my very best friends Diane who used to live in San Francisco whilst we were there. She now lived in England and said that she would be coming to visit. She did say that she was also coming for a family wedding but that we would get to hang out a lot and it would be good for me as I wasn't from here for me to meet some more people.

So she arrived last week and I was introduced to her family that were having the wedding who also live here in Chittenden County. We all went out one night and one of the relatives walks up to me and says "Stella, do you remember me?" I racked my brain for a while, in this business I am pretty good with remembering people but also do meet a lot of folk at Open Houses. Then she told me that she was the lady who had the ice cream van. "Do you remember I told you I had cousins in Liverpool?" That smile on Callum's face and even the giggling about the claim that everyone has a long lost cousin from England with Euan came back to me. She then tells me that in fact Diane, my best friend from California is the cousin she was talking about.

Wow - what a small world. Lessons learnt? That even in a small state like Vermont the theory of 6 degrees of separation can often be blown out of the water! And next time somebody says that they have a cousin from England. I will be asking their name........I might very well know them!

- Stella Abraham, REALTOR

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