Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lost dog Stella even wears purple!

I had an inspection today with Sean McKenzie for some buyers that I am working with on a great little house in Burlington.

When I returned to the office, Tamira (who runs our concierge program) was in the kitchen with the rubbish bins blocking her in....."what are you doing Tamira?" I asked and then I looked in to the kitchen and there was "Stella"! Tamira had rescued her from Shelburne Road outside work.

Fortuntalely, Stella had a purple tag on with her number and Tamira was able to contact Stella's mum and dad.

We are not sure what breed she was. She was about 10 years old and seemed to be a cross between a bassett, a labradour and maybe even some spaniel!

Anyway, she was a really sweet girl and I am so pleased that Tamira has a heart of gold and that she is now back home safe and sound!

Thanks George for having your camera on hand and snapping some piccies!

I am even more thrilled that Stella was rocking a purple collar and name tag!

Stella Abraham, REALTOR

Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman Realty
346 Shelburne Road, Burlington, VT 05401


  1. Quite the hound there! Hope the inspection went well!

  2. very cool! looks like she's got a bit of beagle in her.