Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"what does a Realtor do all day?"

Someone asked me "what does a Realtor do all day?" So here is it a look in to what a Realtor in Vermont does all day!

8.25am-just going to get a mug of hot water and fresh lemon and go to the office meeting-always informative-60 Realtors in one room together

Stella just got out of the meeting spoke about my new listing

Stella is off to Georgia to see some clients about listing

Stella had to stop and get petrol. Unfortunately not the greenest of business driving all over. Never drive the same road twice or try not to!

Stella is off to see a lady from the overseas wives club in sth Burlington

Stella is back in the office and have got some negotiating to do with regards to an inspection - the behind the scene stuff that no one sees!Stella is making alot of phone calls - thank goodness I am involved as I am not sure this deal would stay togetherStella is setting up some showings for tomorrow afternoon - 2 houses in Colchester

Stella has just realised that she has still not eaten lunch (bar the nibbles in the car on the way to Georgia!) - I AM HUNGRY!
from TwitterFox Stella got side tracked on my way home! I am going to make Banofee pies for Bunco so need to get my baking trays back.....and my best buddy made fish head soup.....and I haven't eaten dinner

Stella will not be home as quickly as I thought! Fish head soup - Not a realtor thing but a HK thing!

Stella enjoying a glass of Cotes du Rhone and fish head soup!
from web Stella is home now - quick calls to 2 clients and then off to make the banofee for tomorrow - Charlie was so happy to see me!
Stella is trying to not lick the spoon with the toffee!Stella couldn't help it am licking the spoon! I didn't eat any lunch or dinner - fishhead soup doesn't count?!Stella is just sitting down for the evening! So that is a day in the life of a Realtor!

10.00pm Stella is wondering if anyone is thinking that being a Realtor is an easy job?!
from web

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I am determined to hang out a little with Callum tomorrow - otherwise he will be 16 before I know it1

- Stella Abraham, REALTOR

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