Friday, January 8, 2010


I have just received my official number fromMr Arnold Schwarzenegger

I can now legally talk about property again! I was recently asked why on earth I would get into this business with the current situation with the economy and housing response.....I am not getting in to this business. I have sold real estate now since 1998 both in London England and the US. This is not a hobby, a part time career or even a plain old job! Real estate is in my blood - I live and breathe it!

I do not believe that having been in the area ‘forever’ makes you a good agent. I have not lived in the Bay Area 'forever' but I can tell you that I have a fabulous proven record. I began selling property in Vermont after only living there for a year – now remember Vermont is a state where ‘everyone knows everyone’ and '6 degrees of separation' is more like '2 degrees if separation'!

I blew out of the water the statement that to be a successful agent you need to have been in the business, know a lot of people and have been in the area for the last 25 years. I quickly, in a market that was being called a ‘tough market’ became successful. When I left in the summer, I was ranked 12th in the Northern Vermont Board of Realtors and 4th in Coldwell Banker Hickok and Boardman. I was recognized as the Northern Vermont Board of Realtor Rookie of the Year 2009. The President of the NVBR Board said - “Stella is the epitome of the Realtor Young Professional. Since entering the field, she has embraced the profession utilizing technology and social networking to drive her business; not to mention good old-fashioned hard work.”That makes me a tad proud!

So I am all set to go. One thing I learnt in Vermont was that I couldn't have accomplished what I did without Coldwell banker Hickok and Boardman. I have found a company that I believe can support me as they did. A company with local history and experience. I believe, obviously by my choice, that Coldwell Banker is the strongest and most progressive agent in this area.

To gain a surefire way of learning about Los Altos and the South Bay I have chosen to work with Aileen LaBouff. Yes, she also has a funny accent like me but most importantly she has been working full time in this area since 2002. She, like myself, has prior real estate experience from overseas – even more than I - she has been doing this since 1990. I believe that her knowledge and experience are going to be invaluable to me.

Real estate have changed all over America. It is not about newspaper and magazine advertising, mass mailings (thankfully for the trees!) and Open Houses. It seems that it is customary to still mass mail and that the principal marketing is still newspaper and magazine advertisements. I have even heard that there are agents that actually think the internet is their enemy. Can you believe that?! I am determined to have a different approach.

In this day and age you need a tech-savvy agent who thinks outside of the box, communicates well (even with an accent!) and problem solves.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a property and you are in the Bay Area then call me!

650 919 3190

I am determined, committed and somewhat passionate!


Stella Abraham,
REALTOR Coldwell Banker Los Altos
95 1st Street,
Los Altos, CA 94022


  1. Stella, this is a fantastic article you wrote and I agree 100% with everything you have said. You are an incredible real estate agent and you brought so much energy, ideas, and cutting edge technology to our company in Vermont. As a fellow agent, I miss you greatly. You are an amazing agent and everyone who works with you is very fortunate!

  2. Thank you Monique. I miss you, VT and Hickok and Boardman! It is interesting seeing Real Estate on the west coast - you would love it!